I am still pissy

That title probably won't get many clicks, but I'm not much of a stat-watcher. I'm just pissy. I think shit is just UNFAIR, and although I was raised being told life is unfair, I never did take to it. On top of unfair shit, I have an unrelenting cold, and I'm sick of my nose running like a hose and of coughing so much I can never sleep. I have to de-stress and take care of myself. Do as I say, not as I do, right?

At least I have Spotify to soothe me during my down time. I hardly use my beloved Pandora or Slacker anymore. With Spotify I have giant playlists composed of everything my favorite groups have ever made. Search, select, drag to playlist. Bang. I'm currently listening to the aptly, although unimaginatively, titled "Punk and Indie" playlist, which contains 765 songs and will last an entire day. That should do it. Zero chance of "what is THAT doing in here?" because I put it all there. I heart Spotify. Unlike normal people, I relax to screaming metal and crunchy guitars. It puts me to sleep in the morning. Ahhhh.

And on the bright side, I had one of those shifts last night you just need now and then, where I know I was a damn good nurse and actually made a discernible difference to my patients (because they told me so). And I did it when I felt like hell and was shaking with anger for most of the shift (turns out that when you go to start an IV, you stop shaking…good to know). I seem to be having more of those shifts than not lately, where patients tell me how much they appreciate my care. Maybe I'm trying harder, to compensate. Maybe I'm reaching a new skill level. Maybe it's luck and I'll get beaten up next week. I'll take the victories in this job, though.