I got my tongue pierced today. Twice.

It was actually a pretty eventful day. During it, I drove to Kansas City, to Westport, because I was looking for some specific jewelry and because I've been wanting to get my tongue piercing redone. I miss it so much. I was proud of myself because anyone who's ever been to Westport knows it's terrifying to drive there, and I fear driving. But I braved it, they had one out of the three jewelry items I wanted, and the guy inspected my tongue and pronounced it pierceable (previous issue: post tilted too far forward and rubbed against my gums).

This time he marked me, laid me flat on my back, pulled my tongue out with gauze, and pierced it freehand. No clamp. I got up and looked at it and said it looked crooked. He said, "A little. Ha ha, do you want to redo it?" Yeah. He looked at me like "are you serious?" Yeah. Third time's a charm. So I lay back down, he unscrewed everything and took the bar out, and pierced it again. This time it's straight and slanted correctly. I have TWO new holes in my tongue, though, plus the old one. My poor, sad, tongue. Mmmm, ice cream. At least this time I'm used to having a tongue bar so I have no trouble talking or anything. It feels better to have it back. I don't know WHY I like that piercing so much.

The freehand thing hurt a lot less, except it went crooked the first time and I was worried what if he dropped a ball down my throat? Those clamps suck. And he didn't drop a ball. This post is also shorter than the starter one I had before, so it doesn't feel as janky, and he put a smaller ball on the bottom per my request. I think overall I'm happy with the experience. Two sticks stink, but seriously, if you're gonna do it, you might as well do it right, right?