Twitter adds another real human to my friends list

I'm always on the same soapbox about how social media is NOT isolating us and taking "real friend" interactions away, so every now and then I have to blog about obvious instances. I just had a mini-tweetup yesterday (so mini in fact that I just met one person), and voila! A real-life friend I NEVER would have found without Twitter. As I sit and sort through the people I interact with the most outside those I'm forced to, like work friends, probably half are people I've met through Twitter. Half! It makes sense to me. If you just wander through your normal life, are you likely to run in to people who happen to share your interests and sense of humor? No. If you wander through Twitter, are you likely to interact with people who share your interests and sense of humor? YES. Otherwise you wouldn't be following them.

For the life of me I don't understand this asshattery about "social media is killing human interaction." I think it's a bunch of hooey.