Requiem to a belly button ring

It's very sad. After babysitting my belly button piercing for at least 6 months (maybe closer to 9...not sure), I finally pulled the plug on it. I've had nothing but trouble with it the whole time, and I've watched it reject/migrate for months. Why? I'm an idiot and after spending so much time on it I didn't want to take it out. It's not a good piercing for me. I carry a lot of little kids around, and they pull on it. I lean over bedrails, and THEY pull on it. With my anatomy, when I bend over I'm hinged right where the piercing was. So far from having a cute belly piercing, I now have a long red scar above my belly button because I was too stupid and stubborn to take it out when it FIRST started to migrate. Eh. People don't understand how much care and attention piercings require. It's not like you get a needle poked in you and you're done. No. You've got months of aftercare sometimes. Months! I spent 4 weeks, 10 minutes per day, with my nose in a cup of sea-salt water after I got my septum pierced. I've sat around with bags of frozen peas on my chest. I've slept on only one side for 6 months (you can't sleep on an ear with a fresh cartilage piercing). You get the point.

So having to take one out is a defeat. This has been my first-world problem of the day. Now we can return to our regularly scheduled programming.