There's no social media sweet spot

I'm going against my own self with this post, because I wrote a post about my leave from work, following all of my own rules, and then I took it down. I took it down because, by following my own rules, I could not include enough detail from either side to present the full situation and, although my online-only friends were supportive and appeared to believe I might have a point, my real-life friends were assholes. "I didn't realize that," they said when I explained. Well, I can't BLOG about the shit you didn't realize. So I guess I'll have Public Persona and not not use my blog for catharsis or truth-telling or any of the stuff I advocate. I am pissy and stomping my feet quite a bit here. At least my coworkers (the people who are actually in a position to know what kind of nurse I am) are supportive, so that helps. Nurses are evil backstabbing people, so they would totally take this gold-encrusted chance if they felt it were warranted to do so. Into every blogger's life, some social strife must fall. I admit no guilt from removing the post. I took it down solely for my own peace of mind. My skin is thin right now. You'll be on my side, or you'll lose the ability to comment. That's all there is to it. There are too many people NOT on my side for me to not shield myself in the little social media islands I do control.