More on Air as my only Mac

Still haven't missed my iMac. Actually, I'm in the process of the last 50 song uploads to iTunes Match, which should in principle free me further from any cables. About a dozen things have pissed me off about it so far, so it may go bye-bye before too long, but I'm saying in THEORY it could. I already posted about my removable-drive issue and solution. Another issue, related to that one, is that if I walked away from the desk for too long, the thing would fall asleep and eject all the drives. As instructed. Well, I don't always want it to do that. What if I'm away for *62* minutes and I want to edit a photo immediately, if not sooner, when I sit down at my desk?

On a less practical note, I have a screensaver I really like that displays a giant digital clock (free here, but it requires Flash). I would like it to actually DISPLAY the giant clock. Until I tell it not to. Again, without intervention my sleepy Air just conks out and alas, no clock appears.

No problem. You just have to understand how laptops deal with sleeping and screensavers and power management in general and also download one of the several utilities for keeping your computer awake (I picked Jiggler). The basic point is to set the times on your screen saver, laptop sleep time, and Jiggling times to keep the laptop from ever lapsing into sleep (this is all for desktop use: all bets are off when I'm using the battery).

So I set the computer and display sleep times to an hour each in Energy Saver:

And then I set Jiggler's settings to "jiggle the mouse" right before that hour would be up:

Voilà. If I want the Air to sleep and spit out all the drives, I close the lid. I can walk away with it. If I want it to wait patiently for me to sit down and do stuff even more instantly than usual with an Air, it will.