Kindle Fire may actually threaten the iPad

My friend D was over earlier with her new Kindle Fire and let me play with it. I have been reading about how much they suck, so I was fully prepared to be underwhelmed, but I think Amazon has a winner here. It feels solid in an iPad-ish non-cheap way, and it fits in your hand perfectly. It's big enough to read stuff comfortably on yet small enough to grip in one hand, something the iPad can't claim. It seemed snappy enough to me, and the screen looked pretty. It has a browser. It has apps (including Pulse and Angry Birds…if you have news and Angry Birds, what else can you really need?). It loses the e-ink advantage of the other Kindles, which made it seem like a not-Kindle to me, but names aside I was impressed with this gadget. I wouldn't want to use it for much production, as I know some people do with their iPads, but I can't stand typing anything on my iPad anyway. I use my laptop. The iPad is for reading, movies, games, and news/social media. The Fire can totally do all that and for smaller (but not too small) and cheaper. I'm just saying. It could be a real winner.