Random updates

I turned 37 yesterday, and this was noteworthy largely because every year something catastrophic happens on my birthday but did not this year, at least not that I know about yet. I drove down to see my dad and am blogging from the hospital cafeteria. This hospital is in the center of the middle of nowhere, but they still have Starbucks and WiFi in the cafeteria. My dad's looking pretty good, I think---better than I thought he would.

I still don't have any reportable news about my job. Attorneys are now involved, so there may BE news, but I pretty much turned the whole thing over so they communicate only with my lawyer. I tried to keep him out of it because I don't want to be THAT employee, the one who sues hospitals, but I just couldn't stave it off any longer. It's costing me an arm and a leg, but it's a relief to have stopped the whiplash I was getting from trying to handle an impossible situation myself. Few things could be more stressful to me than having my profession and livelihood threatened. I can't believe it's dragged on this long, particularly when there is no good reason for it. If you take every nurse off the floor who has any personal problems that MIGHT cause performance issues, you're going to be left with empty hospitals. Seriously. I could start listing coworkers and their serious personal issues that could reasonably cause them to make an error. They haven't. I haven't either. Anyway. I think something is going to have to happen one way or the other soon, so either I'll learn I'm fine or totally screwed and either way will have resolution. I hope to god the resolution is "why don't you come back to work on your next scheduled shift?" Because I'm a trauma queen and I miss my job BADLY.

Let me reiterate: for the love of all that is holy, never take FMLA leave. Ever. Go to work dead if necessary, but don't take FMLA leave.

Meanwhile, I have a close, dear friend who is in an abusive relationship and just had surgery, and I can't help her like I promised I would because I don't want to get punched in the face. (The "abusive" part was literal.) It's making me crazy. I never break promises, so that makes me crazy. She's willingly staying with this guy, KNOWING he is nuts, and that makes me crazy. Also, in general, I don't tolerate people very well who hurt my friends, so that makes me crazy. I'm one of those pit-bull friends. (You hurt my friend? You will suffer.) But I'm foiled by this situation because she's got Stockholm syndrome or something. I don't get it. I'm having a terrible time staying out of it.

I'm loving my new MacBook Pro and feel it was a good trade-up from the iMac/Air combo I had before. When my dad is finished with his chemo, we're going to buy an iPad for him and his partner. They've studied up on it and are getting their Apple gateway drug. We'll see how much time goes by before I get a phone call saying "we're going to get a Mac now." My dad already said he should maybe get an iPhone (I think Siri had been flirting with him). I need to leave town in the next few hours to take care of my dog, but that'll be challenging with people who have a new iPad in the house! I bet we'll make good use of FaceTime from now on. Never have gotten into Skype for some reason.

Anyway. Uncontrollable stress in my life mitigated only by the super-happy news that my dad's health is much better than I expected it to be. If I had to pick one thing to go well, that would obviously be it anyway. We might actually have a good holiday season!