Why nurses are anxious all the time




Just saw this series of tweets from @ernursek. This is why nurses are anxious all the time. It's why med errors go underreported (WAY underreported). They can find a way to keep you; they can find a way to fire you. If ANYONE has taken the slightest dislike to you (and if you're a nurse, someone dislikes you---guaranteed). I figure this is what'll happen to me. I'll make some mistake that everyone else also makes a dozen times a week, only because they want me gone I'm the one who'll get written up and fired. This occupation is a knife's edge. The same error can be instantly fireable or can result in a verbal "you forgot to give this med; please give it." I'm shocked at some of the stuff nurses have been fired for. I'm shocked at more of the stuff nurses do and are NOT fired. It's really random. Scary.