Quick post on the iOS Cards app

This holiday season totally got away from me. Oh hell, the last 6 months have gotten away from me. I remembered the new Cards app, downloaded it, and fired off a few cards, figuring maybe my friends and family would forgive their lateness and lack of actual gifts because they got PERSONALIZED cards. I'm not sure about that part of it, but everyone who's gotten one has called to rave about how nice their cards were. I haven't seen one. I sort of want to send one to myself to see what they look like. Still, it must take some fancy work to get people to rave about a card.

The app experience ensures that Apple will get even more of my money; domestic cards cost $2.99 including postage, and I don't think you can find a card for less than that even if you exert the effort to go to the store and stand there gaping at all the cards for a half an hour. With the Cards app, you pick a template, pick a photo, and type in your text. Then you choose the recipient's address from your address book (you can edit it once it's on the envelope) and click the purchase button. Your iPhone will even send you a notification when the card has reached the receiving post office and tells you the card should be delivered that day. Start to finish you can create and send (apparently) a really nice card for $2.99 within 5 minutes, depending on how long you deliberate over the photo to include.

You can probably still slip a few cards under the door before Christmas if you download the app NOW. But if not, it's good year-round for all-purpose cards, birthdays, thank-you notes, and so on. I'm pleased.