I'm wonderful, according to my patients

I had one of those nights the universe rarely sends to nurses. We were busy, but not with anything life-threatening, and then we stopped being busy and I caught up with some nursing journals. I was overcome with more than even my usual natural charm and turned angry patients into happy ones ("thank you…you've been wonderful"), a victory not to be underestimated. I caught important things that were going to be overlooked. I cured exceptionally adorable peds by means of Tylenol, Motrin, and my magic popsicle cocktail. None of the kids I saw needed IVs or even lab draws. I hit every IV on the first try. Nobody coded. Nobody threw up. Nobody yelled at me. Everyone I gave pain medications to was actually in pain.

I'm going to write depressing blog posts more often because evidently they result in really good shifts thereafter.