Rainbows and unicorns

I just realized I haven't blogged for like a week. Lazy! Actually, I've been busy as hell copyediting by day and playing nurse by night. I had one night off and I spent it with a new possible romantic interest. Well, I mean, the interest isn't just possible, but  the romance may actually work out. You know what I mean. I am difficult to appease with my dating life because most people annoy the crap out of me, so yeah. In fact, almost everything in my life that went horribly, horribly awry last year has sort of righted itself, hence my post title. I am restoring my bank accounts to their original upright positions by taking editing work, I still have the ER job I want, my dad is evidently healthy, and most importantly I don't feel like a nervous wreck all the friggin' time. This I attribute to the miracle of metoprolol ER. I know, sounds nuts, a beta-blocker as a miracle drug. But for me it is. Anxiety made my heart race and gave me palpitations and chest pain constantly, and after not very long that can make you really nuts. And I have really low blood pressure so normal beta-blockers made me faint all the time. And other anxiety medications made me jumpier. I can, however, take a shitton of extended-release metoprolol; my pulse stays in the 80's and I feel okay. I mean, I get nervous and pissed off about things, but everyone does, especially people who work in emergency departments.

Now my concerns are a little more pedestrian...my next trick will be to get my hemoglobin up so I am not too anemic to work out, because I'm greedy and want to GLOW with good health. Iron is the only pill I've ever come across that makes me hork. I could probably digest tree bark without issue, but iron feels like I've just drunk acid (I assume, never having actually drunk acid). The only extra iron I can tolerate is Flintstones chewable tablets. It's irritating. Really, though, that's relatively not a big deal.

So...now that I've written this post I've probably jinxed myself. I'll go to work tonight and be puked on or punched or both or will have my ass handed to me or maybe even all three. All things considered, though, the chances of that happening are the same whether or not the rest of my life is in the shitter, so I'll just take this letup in drama with a "thank you" to the powers that be.