Amanda Trujillo...STFU

UPDATE 2/10/12: This blogger makes some additional good points to think about regarding this case...please go check it out! I've been (uncharacteristically) waffling over what I think about the Amanda Trujillo case. First I panicked and thought it was another instance of "them" taking away "our" autonomy, which, I think, was the kneejerk reaction of most of the nursing Twitterverse and blogosphere. Then I thought wait a minute, we are hearing one side of this story, and it's unusual for a nurse to throw this much of a public fit. Why? Because if she wasn't unemployable before, she is now. She  named her employer and possibly has violated HIPAA if the details of the patient case she has given are correct (I don't assume they are because most of us are smart enough to change stuff like that when we publicly discuss our patients). Who will hire her again? She's brought preemptive negative publicity to the Arizona Board of Nursing, and that can never end well. I try to fly under the radar of the BON at any cost. They are out to get nurses in my view, which admittedly is somewhat jaded because they wouldn't let me take boards on account of a misdemeanor---driving with expired tags because my husband put the bill in a drawer. THAT is definitely a huge concern that should take a nurse off the floor. Yeah, I'm still bitter about that little incident.

Anyway, I'm not missing The Point, which is that nursing's scope of practice IS being curtailed slowly but surely and that we ARE being relegated to being handmaidens to the doctor. I'm just not sure that Amanda Trujillo is the best icon for us to rally around because she is not behaving well or professionally. I'm not sure she isn't, either. I am just taking more of a wait-and-see approach because something seems off about the whole thing. I don't mind in-your-face nurses. I jumped on the warpath immediately when the JCCC student sued them for the placenta incident because that was transparent bullshit and both sides were in the press. This is just different because Amanda Trujillo has gone off the rails and is making herself look like a rabid idiot.