Documentation from the AZ BoN on Amanda Trujillo

As usual, the Internet is abuzz with the ridiculous UNFAIRNESS of poor Amanda Trujillo's case (sorry for the all-caps, but I have ocular fatigue at this point because of excessive eye-rolling). I keep saying, "but wait! There must be more information. Also, she shouldn't be acting this way because it's going to bite her in the ass." And look: there IS more information, and her behavior HAS bitten her in the ass. Below is the actual document from the AZ BoN regarding her case. No, I did not steal it. Yes, it is public record. No, I wouldn't like someone posting my personal business. Yes, she gave up her right to that consideration when she blew up the net with said personal business. Trujillo Notice of Charges

So, Trujillo supporters, I know that reading more than a few sentences of emotionalism unburdened with fact has proven difficult in this case for most of you, but I beg of everyone, on bended knee, to read this entire document. It shows that indeed, more was going on---much more. Changes the story quite a bit, doesn't it? Yeah, she's innocent until proven guilty, I guess, and the story isn't over, but can we please take her down off the cross now?

The principle of cognitive dissonance will now cause the mindless hordes to step up their support because to do otherwise would entail having to admit they were wrong and have been spending lots of time and sometimes money being hoodwinked and clotheslining their peers online, so sadly I'm guessing that this information will do just about nothing. But here are some highlights.

  • This ain't her first rodeo. She's had multiple complaints and disciplinary issues.
  • She's been canned several times and left uneligible for rehire.
  • Her little Internet dog-and-pony show did not escape the BoN's notice (hint: they didn't like it). To wit:
It is the standard of care of a licensed RN to maintain a patient’s privacy and confidentiality.  Respondent fell below the standard of care beginning on or about December 9, 2011, and continuing through February 2011, when Respondent violated patient D.F.’s privacy and confidentiality by repeatedly posting private and confidential information on social media and the internet, as well as disclosing in radio and other interviews, private and confidential information about patient D.F. including patient D.F.’s dates of hospitalization, place of hospitalization, purported diagnoses, purported knowledge deficits, purported nursing care, and purported treatment decisions.
  • She left one job because  felt that she “was not safe anymore” and had “lost her edge” due to what she described as a “medical condition.”
  • Oh, just go read the document.

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