When nurses get hurt

To exemplify the difference between nurses and everyone else, I offer the following story. At the gym I was doing a biceps curl and something popped in my left upper chest. The pop came with a shooting pain that caused my hand to open in surprise, thus subsequently causing me to dance around to avoid having the dumbbell fall on my foot. I'm sure this was highly amusing to onlookers, but whatever. I'm used to looking like a dumbass fairly regularly.

Anyway, I came home and took Tylenol and Motrin, which fix EVERYTHING, as all ER nurses know, and took a shower, which was funny because I can't easily lift my left arm (try washing your hair one-armed…it ain't pretty). By then I was hurting pretty good. I gritted my teeth and moved my arm all around, and I was able to; thus satisfied that probably I didn't cause an actual serious injury, I fashioned a sling out of two scarves and settled into my chair. One scarf is a pink Race for the Cure scarf, and the other one is a nice silk one left over from when I used to have to wear suits occasionally. It looks utterly ridiculous.

A normal person would say, "Hrm. I'm unable to move my arm. Probably I should go see my doctor and, I don't know, maybe have an x-ray or something." Me? "MOTRIN WILL FIX IT."

Am I wrong, nurses?