At least he wasn't defensive

I'm back at the hospital with my dad. Chest pain woke him up this morning, and he looked all gray and "I'm totally having a major STEMI," so we came to Small Local Podunk ER. It appears to have about five rooms, no kidding. There were no wheelchairs in the entry, in the waiting room, or in fact anywhere that I ever saw. More concerning, there were no humans visible. No triage tech. No triage nurse. There was a bell like you see in hotels with a rumpled paper sign that said "ring for emergency." In an EMERGENCY room. So I was pissed off to begin with. Eventually some nurses came out and retrieved my dad and did typical cardiac stuff, including accessing his port with no mask or real attempt at sterile technique, and his initial BP was astronomically alarmingly high. So 5 minutes after his first sublingual nitro, when all the nurses had scattered like cockroaches, leaving the nitro bottle on the bedside, I poked the button to recycle the BP. In came the doctor. My dad said to me, "My BP is still high even after that pill," and to reassure him, I said, "yeah, but you get two more."

Doctor: "You need to let me do my thing. You standing there: YOUR thing. You need to let me do MY thing."

A number of things ran through my head, none of which I said. (They included "then DO your thing, or at least have someone do it, instead of being a defensive little prick.")

Several minutes later he said, "You're pissed off at me, aren't you?" I said, "Yeah, pretty much." He said, "Yeah, I used to be a nurse, and then I went to medical school because I just wanted to do more."

Asshole. With great effort I just glared at him instead of kicking him in the balls (only in my head obviously) and/or suggesting that he focus on treating my dad instead of pissing me off.

It would one thing if they had even been pretending to be competent, but that wasn't the case. Or if I had been administering medications or something. Which also wasn't the case.

Anyway. No STEMI, but my dad is in the ICU waiting for a stress test and cardiac cath. Which I want him to have at a hospital where the doctors aren't defensive assholes.