Another medical crisis survived

IMG 1294Podunk Hospital sent my dad on a helicopter to Giant Metro Hospital on account of he ended up with a 99% occluded LAD artery (which Podunk Cardiologist accurately portrayed as "stress test was bad! Very bad!" followed by "angiography results are bad! Very bad!"). By this morning I was tired! Very tired! On account of I've slept a grand total of maybe 5 hours since Monday. So I availed myself of my dad's cardiac chair in the supernice room he got. The room was larger than some studio apartments I've lived in. It had its own built-in desk with a hole for a computer cable by the window. I considered seeing if I could move in. The nurses were awesome and also competent, so I was happy, and the doctors fixed my dad without having to crack his sternum, so he was happy. In fact everyone is happy, and my dad gets to go home tomorrow. I'm so tired at this point that I can't sleep, but I figure I'll get over all that soon and sleep until I go to work tomorrow night. It sounds impossible to sleep for 16 hours, but I'm up for a good challenge. I'm pretty sure I can do it.