DayOne security ruminations

I like Day One for journaling. I've kept paper journals for decades, but Day One makes it so easy if you have sipped the Apple Kool-Aid…it's journaling with the simplicity of firing off a tweet to yourself, and it syncs among my laptop, iPad, and iPhone. SWEET. The Day One blog says they're working on security, which is also sweet, because although the journals are now password-locked, this is a deterrent only to the passingly curious. If you show the package contents, Day One oblingly opens files for each entry. No bueno. My next ploy was to create an encrypted disk on Dropbox and place my Day One data file there, which works fine as long as my laptop is on and the encrypted disk is mounted, but if it isn't, Day One chokes and gasps for a while and then says, "fuck it; I'm using iCloud." Or a similar error message.

I still use it because it's easy and because when you get down to it the passingly curious can open my Moleskine even more quickly than my Day One entries, but I really hope they add more oomph to their security considerations soon.