And sometimes hard work feels good

I had a shift that, although ass-kicking, exemplifies yet again why "nursing is the hardest job you'll ever love." I drew the short straw (those being the only available straws on this particular shift) and ended up transforming truly thankless tasks with dire possibilities into decent experiences that helped people. For one thing, I had the IV mojo big time. I think I was the fifth nurse sent in to get an IV on a little kid---even IV therapy couldn't get a line---and got the IV on the first stick. There's just something about nailing hard sticks that will warm a nurse's heart. Also, I didn't let some patients make me mad who usually do (along the lines of "it's YOUR fault I'm addicted to crack because YOU didn't give me the pain medicine I needed so I had to buy it on the street!"), and by miraculous means these individuals calmed down and acted like sane adults who even thanked me for my kindness, which I think was likely ennui mistaken for same, but they FELT better, so it was all good. I don't think I had a single sick patient all night, but they all felt convinced they were having emergencies, and evidently I provided soothing treatment for them. There is much to be said for this. Why do I love being a nurse? SHIFTS LIKE THIS. Leaving knowing that I made multiple patients leave the ER feeling much better than when they got there.