I love this doctor

I encountered a physician---a cardiologist, no less---the other day who made me very, very happy. My patient had a syndrome I'd never heard of, which is rare with cardiac stuff, and he voluntarily sat down and explained it to me. With diagrams and thorough explanations. Then he towed me in to the patient's room and had me practice listening for a distinctive extra heart sound in different spots (the patient was OK with being an educational tool for a few minutes obviously) so I would know it if I heard it again. Thank you, doctors who do stuff like this. Thank you for not assuming I'm an idiot or don't want to learn (or am unable to do so). Thank you for treating me like I'm an intellectually curious professional.

I like this so much better than "just carry out my orders, you vapid handmaiden." I actually have a feeling of deep affection for this doctor. I'd never met him before (on nights, you don't meet a lot of specialists).

Possibly I'm a knowledge junkie.