I barely use my iPad, which is frakking odd

I wonder if I'm officially old. As in, no longer slick, hip, and cool. I have realized that I do not like tablets in place of a good old-fashioned laptop. I own an iPad and use it occasionally. I like the apps for news better than the Mac ones, although Caffeinated is filling that gap for me (another indication of my failure to be slick, hip, and cool is that I still like RSS feeds…pry them out of my cold, dead hands). I like to mess with photos on it sometimes. But mainly, I get irritated with its limitations if I try to anything productive with it at all. My Mac is all tricked out with macros and keyboard shortcuts and default this-and-that and encrypted volumes and byzantine systems for "simple" data storage (all of which make total sense to me). Even with an external keyboard, there is no way the iPad can duplicate that. Can't even come close. I can't even use it to write a simple blog post on a text editor most of the time because I get irritated at simply switching screens on it to check a link and so on. I know touch screens are The Thing, but I am a keyboard girl. I do not ever want to touch my trackpad or mouse if I can help it. I grew up on DOS and UNIX. If I can't assign a keyboard shortcut to something, I probably won't use it.

I use my Kindle Fire constantly because it's more comfortable to hold for reading, which is what I would mainly use the iPad for on account of I don't like it for producing anything. The Fire is smaller and fits in my regular bag. And if I think I MIGHT need to type something, I slide my bluetooth keyboard into my bag and use it with my iPhone. It's got Byword on it.

This turn of affairs would have seemed ludicrous to me a year ago, but that's how it is. I guess if laptops disappear and I'm forced to use a giant touchscreen iMac or something then I'll roll with it, but until then I'm in a state of acceptance that my MacBook Pro is really my best friend.