I guess one thing about being an ER nurse is you learn to roll with the punches. I had my move planned out a month ago down to every last detail, and it went horribly awry. Notably, the moving company I hired put the wrong day down. So here's what happened. I packed a lot of stuff a few nights ago before I worked two nights in a row, but I packed nothing from the kitchen or bathroom or office. Because I use that stuff. I short-slept yesterday (Friday) and got up to hang out at the new house (which is really the old house; it's a house I own that I haven't lived in for several years…long story) to wait for the Cable Guys during that window they give you. My window was 2--4 pm. When I was IN THE CAR driving over there, moving dudes called and said, "Hey, we're here to move you. Where are YOU?" Yes, a day early.

Clusterfuckery ensued.

No, they couldn't move me on Saturday because they were booked solid. Could I do it today? Not so much. I got really pissed off. Seriously, a month's notice should be enough, I already paid prorated rent to stay a few days longer in the apartment, I only had half my stuff packed, lalalalala. But no matter how pissed I got, that didn't open anything in their schedule, nor did it change that I had to go spend hours waiting on the Cable Dudes instead of rushing over to pack. I would change my own birthday rather than change an Internet installation after what happened the last time I moved.

But I digress. I called the apartment office and had them let the Moving Dudes in so they could start randomly packing my stuff. And then I sat less than patiently waiting for the Cable Dudes. Did they come at 2? No. They came at 4. I had the modem attached to the cable and plugged in ready to go. They were done at 4:15.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="360" caption="Fabulous Fast Cable Dudes"][/caption]

So then I drove across town to my apartment, which was being packed by strange people who fortunately were quite nice boys who did an excellent job. They had my kitchen meticulously packed. I randomly threw crap into boxes from my bedroom and office and they did that moving-van-Tetris thing to fit it all in with maximal use of the space even though an entire other person's stuff could have also gone in there.

They unloaded. I went back to the apartment and got leftover stuff (they couldn't bring themselves to pack stuff like tampons and other girly stuff, and I don't blame them a bit) and the cat, and since then I've been unpacking. So instead of spending tonight packing, I'm pretty much totally moved and 75% unpacked. I have a few more things to get, and my friend K is going to help me clean on Sunday. He volunteered!

So really, today sucked donkey balls, totally. Had I known what it would turn into when I woke up, I would have resisted it even more than I did. However, it's done now. In many ways it was one of the easier moves I've ever had because the moving dudes packed like half my stuff, and oh boy do I hate packing. I HATE IT. Unpacking is not so bad. It's particularly not so bad when you are moving back into a house you've already lived in. I just put stuff back where it was before. Shazam.

It's sort of like the move happened before I figured out what was going on. It reminds me of when I give patients injections. I say, "One, two [then give the shot while they think I'm going to say three]." That's how my move was.

Being back in the house I bought 10 years ago is a little weird. But not bad weird. I spent a good 5 minutes getting all maudlin about it (I moved out and rented the house because I got married, and that did not work out), but I bought the house because I liked it, and I still like it. It's "me." It's a 1945 bungalow with hardwood floors and I had the whole inside redone when I bought it. It's an old house so it's got character (meaning "drafts and creaks"), but it's got a giant yard for my giant but now very much older dog, and it's a perfect houselet. Meaning, one person fits here quite nicely. It's also near the highway I'd use to commute to the nearest metro area should I feel compelled to branch out occupationally. It's all good.

Except...I forgot to empty my freezer so I have no coffee for tomorrow. The people at Starbucks will be terrified.