Work conversations, part X

This is why three-way FaceTime is needed. One of our docs got a new iPhone, and a coworker called me to show him how FaceTime worked. At 3pm. So I answered the call to note that I was on video without warning to two ED physicians, a PA, and the unit secretary. I'd just woken up and was looking sort of scary. Anyway, the new iPhone owner decided to join the fun and called my coworker, which knocked everyone off FaceTime.

Coworker called me back a few seconds later, and I answered it again, this time to see only the two docs along with coworker.

Me: Hey. Doc 1: Oh, hi, NNR! Whatcha doing? Coworker: Showing doc 2 how FaceTime works. Doc 2: It's pretty cool, only you can't do a three-way. Doc 1: Huh. Well, what about a reach-around?