I picked my new puppy, Banjo, up on Wednesday, and overall I think we're all ("all" including my aged hound, Opus, and my 8-year-old attitude-filled cat, Comma, plus me and Banjo) adjusting medium well. It's been a long time since I had a puppy in the house and about that long since I had to housebreak a dog. Housebreaking a dog is a horrifying task. I knew this when I bent my notion to adopt a middle-aged dog, yet the reality of it is...ack. Also, Banjo is part pit bull and really enjoys chewing. Everything. She likes chew toys, and she likes my stuff that LOOKS like chew toys, a category that includes the set of all possible things. Banjo is about 10 months old, is a pit/Shepherd/some-other-stuff mix and was hit by a car in her younger puppyhood. Her leg wasn't seen to, so she can't use it much. As you can see in this super short video clip, she hops. I keep calling her "Hopalong" even though I KNOW THIS IS WRONG AND I SHOULD STOP. I'm considering calling her Cassidy, but my friends have put up a chorus in favor of Banjo. I guess I'll crowdsource that. Her pound-given name is Peaches, and that's totally a nonstarter because every time I think of it I involuntarily start singing "really like your peaches, wanna shake your tree." No.


All in all things aren't going too badly compared to other puppy experiences I've had. Several shoes have met an untimely demise, and she pees outside but sees no problem also peeing inside---I can't really fault her for this because in the shelter she could totally go whenever she wanted. But she has gone whole days without going in the house, so I think she'll get it. She slept all day with me today between shifts, which made me happy. This "getting up every few hours" thing...blech.

This leg doesn't slow her down much. I separate the dogs when they start playing too rough, and sometimes she whines and licks her hip. She's getting pain medication tomorrow. I walk her only around the block, which doesn't seem to tire her out, but people look accusingly at me, as if I've broken her leg myself and am making her walk on it. Why yes, assholes, this happily hopping animal is in EXCRUCIATING PAIN BECAUSE OF ME. Sigh. I'll be happy when her hip is repaired. No idea when that'll be, and she'll still hop.

All of this to say: Banjo or Cassidy?

[caption id="attachment_2795" align="aligncenter" width="360"] Girlfriend LIKES her toys[/caption]