The stupid. It burns!

It's one of those weeks when I'm incredibly sick of stupid people, so obviously this was the first e-mail I saw when I woke up this afternoon. Clearly I have not prayed to the right gods, so I am surrounded by stupid people and gravely ill pets. But I digress. Here is the stupid:

"'Respondent fell below the standard of care beginning on or about December 9, 2011, and continuing through February 2011'

What incompetent idiot wrote this. How can you begin something in Dec. 2011 and continue it through Feb. 2011. Do they have a backwards running calendar. If this statement came from the AZ Board of Nursing, might I suggest they fire the person who wrote it for incompetence and review the people allowed it to be posted."

Thus writes one of my, it seems, question mark--bereft commenters.

To this person, let me bolster your IQ and skills a few points. Please read the mountainous pile of incontrovertible evidence that this statement did in fact come from the organization from which you suggest firing one of its members and reviewing another. (That suggestion is because I find the "this document is false" argument to be intolerably tedious.) Then please learn to use basic punctuation, because unless you have a demonstrable disability in the form of loss of left hand function, it frankly makes you look like the idiot. Finally, might I suggest you direct your complaints regarding the Arizona Board of Nursing TO said body, because hiding your snippy little comment inside 200 others is not really taking a stand. Was your plan to have ME forward your well--thought-out suggestion to them? Oh, never mind. I know you didn't have a plan.