Also...vindication on Amanda Trujillo

I'm all pissed off and upset to the point I've failed to point out that I am vindicated regarding Amanda Trujillo. VINDICATED. Having grown thoroughly bored with her I had ceased to follow any information about her "case," but I got a stream of e-mails and a few comments from people falling on their own swords. This makes me grimly happy given the horrible crap people said about me for posting the totally legitimate AZBON document here. My phone blew up for like a week. Grim happiness is about as good as I can do today. I'd like to know what happened, if anyone can enlighten me. I poked around a bit and can't really find anything definitive that changed, but I did note that this poor, unemployed single mother drives an SUV and has a personal trainer. My fears about finding myself unemployed and with my license in danger have been removed as though by magic.