Companion animals

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="333"]Ears Banjo[/caption] I think that's such a funny phrase. It seems redundant. I have been so dragged down with sadness over losing my old dog that I feel the language needs better expressions for these creatures we share our lives with. I kept saying, "I had to put my dog to sleep," and I can do it now without weeping wildly, but that simple statement doesn't really cover it ("and it was horrifying and I felt like my soul was being sucked out and now the house has an Opus-shaped hole in it and I miss him every minute" would be more like it).

But I have this other creature, Banjo, who was supposed to be the second dog, the dog to perk up the old dog. Because I'm apparently a complete idiot, I thought he wasn't eating because he missed my ex's pug and would like another dog around to play with. I doubt I would have gotten another dog had he died first, but things happened to where I did.

And I'm glad, because a house without a dog just ain't right. This dog has had her leg fixed and is doing well. She'll always limp, but she uses it a lot more than anyone thought she would. And she's freaking cute. Look at those ears! Since Opus died she's become more of a hellion, tearing up the house with some gusto, so---I can't believe it---I'm thinking of getting ANOTHER dog. To keep the second dog company. There's a one-eyed Beagle nobody wants, and...I want him. Apparently, I'll have a house full of pets missing limbs and eyes and stuff. I can't stand to think of these sweet, good dogs never adopted because they've been hurt.

Meanwhile, although I have had a week involving a lot of lying on the couch while watching Weeds and eating Cherry Garcia while weeping copiously and having a massive pity party, I don't care who you are or what's wrong: a puppy WILL make you laugh. This dog is rotten, but I love her spirit and personality. She feels that if I go too long without a thorough face licking she has been remiss in her duties so I get dog hugs and kisses and tail wags. How do you not laugh when this happens? I got a fever earlier in the week on top of everything else and was freezing in the middle of the heat wave, and she came up on the couch and snuggled quietly with me. Hasn't been "quiet" before or since.

It's the first time I've seen a direct line between "pet" and "helping depression." I know it's appropriate to be sad at the loss of a pet, but it was a last-straw thing for me and I went way off a ski jump into depression, I think. I got out of bed only because I had to work and take care of Banjo (who had major orthopedic surgery the same day my old dog crashed originally). I don't think I would've laughed all week were it not for her. These animals who live with us...I knew I loved them, but until losing this dog I didn't know how deep the roots went.