I don't know about this App Store thing

I run hot and cold with the Mac App Store. The whole consolidation thing: good. The whole control thing: not good. And there are more esoteric issues. Like this one. I bought iWork before said Store, but now I have a different laptop. I have a project for which I need this software, and I have a key for it, but you can't download it anymore without buying it from the App Store. I'm not buying it again. So now I have to dink around with a phone call to Apple over it and hope they'll provide some mystical means for me to get software I've already paid for. This is irritating. No less irritating than stuff I've dealt with in the past over Windows issues, but still. I HATE TALKING ON THE PHONE. In fact it's been a tossup for several days: talk on the phone vs. use Word. I still haven't solved the issue, having chosen choice 3: blog about the issue rather than doing anything about it.