Puppy tales

[caption id="attachment_2873" align="alignleft" width="288"] Tug of war[/caption] Through a strange sequence of events I've gone from having a quiet, geriatric old hound to two pit bull mix puppies. The fawn one, Banjo, I've written about before. When my old hound died, Banjo was BORED. She ate the house. A friend was fostering the brindle pit, Nani, which is the Hawaiian word for "beautiful." Nani was a horribly neglected puppy with mange and sores all over---clearly she's a healthy creature now. Anyway, my friend said she had the perfect friend for Banjo, and indeed, they play together constantly. They're not very gentle with each other. BAM. BANG. Skulls crack, and ears are pulled, but tails wag. The cat is unenthusiastic because Nani barks at her, but she smacks her and was actually on the floor just now, so that's a good sign.

Life with one puppy was funny enough, but two? The carnival is in full swing. In addition to the cyclone of dogs whirling through the house most of the time (I just step over them, hanging on to the walls, because a pit bull puppy will just go right through you), there are the little things like being tossed around in my office chair. This can happen in one of two ways. Either Banjo seizes the control levers to chew on and throws me backward out of the chair or the dogs throw each other other into the chair while they're playing.

Then there are bigger things. Like Nani had diarrhea. Big poo for little puppy. I really don't know how her intestines held all of it. I heard the squirting behind me and dashed off to get a towel to clean it up with, at which point I discovered she'd had a previous incident because I skidded in it on the hardwood floor and fell on my ass. In the poop. It got all over my feet and up the backs of my legs. This is a situation so ludicrous that you either burst into tears or laugh, and I laid there and laughed. Two square heads came to nose around the odd spectacle of a human lying in dog shit and laughing, but what can you do?

I vacuumed earlier, and I figured Nani would freak out. Banjo runs from the vacuum cleaner like a regular pet, but not Nani. She stalked it and then decided it must be destroyed. She bounced forward (she bounces everywhere; I have a bouncing dog and a hopping one) and seized the hose in her teeth, growling ferociously. She had to leave off because her mouth is too small to fit around the hose, but she kept a close eye on the thing until it was shut off and put away. Then, satisfied she'd done her job, she curled up on the couch again.

Banjo is tuckered out. I was happy to see that she will eventually set limits with Nani. I worried about her newly operated-on leg, but if she doesn't want to play anymore she gives an "I mean it" snap and Nani bounces away somewhere else to chew on a toy.

Which brings up the issue of toys. I feel that my dogs have more toys than many children. They destroy them at the speed of light. My living room regularly looks like a pillow factory exploded in it because each dog seizes a stuffed toy and they play tug-of-war with it. Predictably the toy bursts after not very long. So they mainly have rope toys, heavy rubber toys, and two Ultimate Bones. They have a toy box. They don't clean up after themselves.

I feel like I've become the crazy pet lady, but I swear I do have human friends. These puppies are just entertaining, and with both of them I feel like I've done a good and helpful thing. No one wanted Banjo because she has a bad leg, and Nani's rescue organization was having trouble placing her as well. Puppies FTW!