Yes, I'm still going on about my dogs

They're both officially adopted now. They like toys that squeak. These are "Indestructibles" called because they're supposed to keep squeaking even when punctured. I'm here to tell you that they don't. The snake was the original and was much loved by Banjo, the fawn puppy. Clearly it was abandoned without a backward glance when joined by the purple dinosaur, which I purchased as a result of the snake's loss of several segments. The dinosaur was destroyed in less than 5 minutes. They took all the stuffing and squeakers out of it and are carrying its purple corpse around this afternoon. C'est la vie in puppy-land.

I discovered the brindle one is absolutely terrified of men, so she's in therapy. Seriously, my therapist, a man, is a dog lover, and he said I could bring her along, so she sat on his couch for 50 minutes too. At the finish there was some tail-wagging and no more scared growling, so she made therapeutic progress. Ha! Now I'm rounding up male volunteers to come over and just sit around so she can get used to them.