Of laughter, inappropriate

I called off tonight and am home involuntarily pawing at my jaw, which is swollen and---I know this is overused, but it's true---feels like it has blowtorch aimed at the roof of it. My oral surgeon said the third day is the most uncomfortable. I'm not accustomed to this kind of euphemism from physicians. Mine would say something more accurate, such as, "It hurts like a motherfucker on the third day." But this one probably works with a more genteel crowd. Anyway, one of my charge nurses sent me the link to this video, which I can't embed, irritatingly, so you have to go ALL THE WAY TO YOUTUBE to watch it.

The Giggle Loop

Why, you ask, would she send me this? Because I was telling everyone recently that I have an issue with inappropriate laughter to the point I can't go to funerals. It's JUST BECAUSE of the fear of inappropriate laughter I am overcome with in front of the casket and begin to have horrible facial palsy and body tics trying to keep myself under control, all because I'm thinking "DON'T LAUGH, FOR FUCK'S SAKE DON'T LAUGH!" I don't actually think funerals are funny. I'm not a total asshole. For some reason I am simply seized with hysterical laughter when I know I shouldn't be, and funerals are the very worst place for it to happen.

I also maintain a mental list of "things that are not funny but you have to laugh at anyway," which MAY make me an asshole, but it seemed related so I thought I'd mention it.