Doom! Doom!

It's raining shit again! I am praying to the wrong gods. OK, so the humans in my life are healthy and only two are crazy, but one of my puppies is probably going to have to be put down. The little brindle pit mix had a return of her Demodex mange, it's not responding to the medication that worked before, and she's randomly picking fights with poor Banjo and also she turned on me. It scared the crap out of me. She acted like she really might tear me apart. I realize that opinions vary on this topic, but I won't have a vicious dog. She's now basically not adoptable. She's been aggressive to cats, dogs, and now humans and has a terrible health condition. So this will be the second dog I've had to have put to sleep this summer. It seems silly on one hand to be so upset about a dog, but I love my dogs. I've invested love and time and money and commitment in them. I wanted happy healthy rescued dogs and not dead sick ones. And I do have one happy healthy rescued dog, which I should focus on. And work is crazy and I'm really tired so yeah, I'm going to bed. I am morose and maudlin and devastated.