Puppy, interrupted

My little brindle pittie is gone. Her rescuer and I had agreed on euthanasia after she turned on me Saturday morning, especially because she had attacked cats and other dogs previously and because her mange was back and not responding to medicines. The poor dog was a big open wound. Inexplicably to me, her vet refused to euthanize her. An impasse occurred because I refuse to have a known biter in my house. What if she ran outside and bit a child? Or anyone and it was known I knew she had done it before? Unacceptable risk. This is not a dog who would nip. So I relinquished her (a reverse adoption) to her rescue organization and they came and got her. No part of this is easy to stomach. This puppy has been through so much and I really thought she had a chance at a good life. I rearranged my life to work with her, as had her foster family before me. And most of the time, she was a sweet, precious baby. She was the first lap dog I ever had---she'd lie on the couch draped across my legs. But when she got vicious, it was creepy. She got this look in her eye that said, "I will now try to tear your arm off." My sweet puppy was gone. And these last few days with her mange and resulting infections have been terrible. I did what I could to keep her from suffering, but there's only so much one can do.

I hope this vet comes to her senses and euthanizes her. It's a hard decision, but it will be harder if she isn't euthanized, somehow recovers from her medical issues again, and then becomes aggressive down the road again. I feel like humans are flogging this animal because we don't want to admit defeat. I'm very sad.