Puppies, puppies

20120918-181411.jpg I was down to one dog again after Nani got aggressive and bit me. That is a whole other story that is bothering me relentlessly, but I'm trying to let it go. Banjo stalked around whining and looking tragic, so I took her shopping at the Shelter on Sunday. We came away with a 3-month-old brindle pittie. Yes. THREE MONTHS. I am clearly crazy. But I agreed with Banjo and I am besotted with the new puppy. I named her Annie (so her theme song is easy: "we've got Annie, you wish she was your dog...").

They have a good system there. You take your dog and leave it with staff while you pick out potential candidates, and then they meet through a fence, and if they hit it off they can play together. The major issue was that Banjo, while waiting with staff, was adopted by a little girl there to adopt another dog, and she changed her mind. She didn't take the news well that Banjo belonged to someone else already:


Anyway Annie was the dog who responded well to both of us without acting CRAYZEE, and Banjo showed the most interest in her, so here she is. I feel that she is brilliant and exceptional, as well as being unfairly cute. She has soft puppy fur and sharp puppy teeth and smells like that skunky puppy smell. When she and Banjo play, she tries to imitate Banjo's play-growl, but it isn't very scary. Rrrr, rrrr. So I laugh at her, and I think it hurts her feelings. She wants to LOOK like a scary pit bull, but it's not working for her at all.

I swore I'd never train a dog from scratch again, but having landed here, particularly after the horror with Nani, I note that I have nothing awful to UNDO with Annie. She will grow up knowing only kindness and love. I won't have to work and work to help her get over being beaten and neglected. There is a lot to be said for that. I remind myself of it when I'm up every 2 hours taking her outside and hissing "potty! Go potty!" I'm soured right now on rescues and problem dogs. Banjo has turned out to be a super pet, but Nani...it's a horrible experience when your pet turns vicious and expresses a clear desire to kill you.

So there's the puppies, and stuff, and things. I am benched with what I thought last week was bronchitis, but today I think it's the flu. I experience brief periods of energy when my medicines reach exactly the right balance. I'm in one now. Which means I can sit up for a little while and that's it. It's so boring to be sick and I've had something for nearly 2 weeks now. At the end of my shift Sunday morning I was sitting around wrapped in warm blankets and feeling like I could die any minute. So I called in tonight. I'm glad I work at a place where they allow you to stay home when you're sick. It's ridiculous when nurses are made to work sick. I've started to ramble so I'll stop. Summary: puppy. Flu.