Things that happen with puppies

So I've got this high fever of the kind I like because I feel a little delirious. I noted that the puppies had pulled down some chicken wire that covers gaps between the fence and porch---Annie is small enough she could slip out, although I don't think she will be for long. It seemed like a fine idea to repair it RIGHT THEN. So I got my wood staples and hammer because I can't figure out how to load the stapler (don't judge me!) and went outside. The puppies came with me. I thought my problem would be pushing their noses out of the way while I hammered staples over the wire, but then I saw Banjo running around with the empty staple container. So I put down the hammer and ran around looking for the pile of staples (happily, there was a pile; so now my staples have grass shavings in them, so what?) and was loading them back into the container when Banjo ran by with the hammer. "Give me that!" is a commonly shouted phrase around here. So yes, I chased my dog around the yard to get my hammer back. While I was doing that Annie had emptied the staples out again.

Finally it occurred to me to put the dogs INSIDE to finish this job. These are things that happen when I get high fevers. And sometimes anyway. But I'll blame the fever.

No staples were eaten, by the way, and the chicken wire is secure, in case there was worry.