iPhone Drama (or, Apple Rocks)

My iPhone wasn't supposed to be here until October, but I woke up to an e-mail saying it would be here in just a few days. To my old apartment. Apparently when I updated my address it was only the BILLING address, because Apple pulls the SHIPPING address from AT&T. Tragedy.

So I called Apple (half-asleep because I was only awake to feed the puppies breakfast), waiting on hold for a good half-hour, and finally got a human on the phone. He pretty much said, "Well, you're fucked, but let me talk to my supervisor." I waited another 5 minutes. He came back on the line and said he had rerouted everything and was sending me an iTunes coupon because of my patience. I hadn't been cranky or anything. Also, I yelped because Annie chewed on my toe, and I said, "Sorry, my puppy chewed on me," and he asked what sort she was, and I said a pit bull, and he has a pit bull, so we talked pitties for a while. Pit bull fans have a strange connection.

Anyway I am sure this was a huge pain for them to change, and Apple once again has my vote for being awesome.