I Live in Interesting Times

That Chinese curse? "May you live in interesting times?" It has come true for me. They're good, though. I'm precepting at work, and my trainee is almost done, so I've had a series of shifts composed largely of reading his charting and starting IVs for other people. I wouldn't like to do it forever, but it's a nice change from having my ass handed to me every time I go to work. Also, he brings me Chips Ahoy cookies. My dad's multiple myeloma is acting up, but he doesn't feel ill…he has myeloid proteins popping up again and has started a new and different chemo regimen. I'm glad he doesn't feel bad. I'm on edge remembering last fall, which was a complete nightmare from about four different directions. But so far, so good.

And then we have my two backyard brat puppies. Annie, who isn't even 4 months old yet, is a smart baby. She potties outside already. Every time. No accidents for days (until now, no doubt, because I wrote that). It's probably a mix of innate intelligence on her part and dedication on mine to take her outside regularly, but still. For such a young puppy, she's doing great. She also hasn't destroyed anything inside the house, a distinction I make because the yard is in sorry shape. She has even started on the edge of the porch. Sigh. She sits reliably, and she's even getting pretty good at shaking with the correct paw. Walks just fine on a leash.

Banjo has gotten huge. She's gained more than 10 pounds since I got her and become a massive, broad-chested creature with standy-uppy ears and attitude. This is the same dog who used to throw her food bowl at me if I failed to feed her in what she felt was a timely fashion. Now she throws different tantrums, most of which crack me up because she acts for all the world like a pissed-off toddler. Example: lately we are working on toy manners. Any toy Annie chews on, Banjo takes it away from her and Annie cries. Annie is not innocent either; occasionally she'll start a game of tug-of-war with Banjo's toy. Either way there is a correction and the original toy is returned to the original dog. Well, sometimes Banjo WANTS to keep Annie's toy, and when I take it away she howls and shakes her ears. It looks like a toddler going "WAHHHHHHHH." If the toy-stealing is in another room and they hear me coming, Banjo will seize the opportunity to start a game of keep-away with me. When I catch her, she drops the toy and lies down. It's a SUPER FUN game for her.

In short, I have two seemingly incredibly smart pit bulls. Which is awesome! But…I have two smart pit bulls….