Newsflash: Apple has new stuff!!

I just woke up and read my RSS feeds and am watching the Keynote on my Apple TV. Happily and shockingly, they posted it right away! Teh Interwebz have no shortage of opinions on the new toys, but it's my blog and I can do what I want, so I too shall opine.

  • The iPad Mini costs too much. For another couple hundred bucks you can have a full-size iPad with a retina display and better processor, or for a couple hundred less you can have a Kindle Fire HD, which does as much as most people probably want in a tablet.
  • The new computers are wicked cool.
  • I wish the new iTunes had been released. I'm so sick of iTunes I could shoot myself.
  • The iBooks improvements are nice, but if Apple sold non-DRM books like their music, THAT would be the ultimate announcement.
  • The iPad Mini does look cool. I'd buy one if I hadn't been shuffling gadgets and spending money like I have plenty to spare for the past year. It's the right size for extended reading and portability---laptops are getting so thin and light that you have to get this small for impressive portability. I've exhibited bad timing and poor judgment since the iPad 3 came out in my search for the perfect combo of gadgets. I bought a new iPad to give my girlfriend my iPad 2 because I felt sorry for her, not having ANY iPad. Then I decided my Kindle was just fine and sold the iPad 3, but then I missed the ability to use a tablet instead of my laptop and bought a Galaxy Tab, thinking it would be a perfect compromise between a large iPad and a smaller Kindle Fire. The Galaxy had a lot going for it, but the release of the Kindle Fire HD turned it into a horrible piece of overly expensive crap. All the stuff shown on the Keynote about the crappiness of Android tablets is true.

    So I sold it and bought ANOTHER iPad 3 and a Kindle Paperwhite (one unmovable requirement for me is some gadget that's comfortable to hold for a long time because I read for hours every day). Whew. I can't bring myself to sell another round of gadgets for an iPad Mini. But when these die or get super old I'm sure I'll buy the inevitable retina iPad Mini with the souped-up processor.

    The new laptops and iMacs look superb. I currently have a MacBook Pro with newly upgraded RAM that won't be replaced before my 3-year cycle unless it dies. I rarely use it. Instead I use my iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard for nearly everything---another reason I'm not seeing a good purpose for a Mini in my life right now (7.9 inches is a bit too small for, basically, a laptop replacement). But laptops are getting so small and light, I can see in a few years having just a laptop and an iPad Mini. Or whatever new fantasticness exists then.

    Obviously it's likely I'll go against all of this and buy a bunch of new shiny toys, but I'm going to make an effort to keep the stuff I have for a while. It's nice stuff. Apple are assholes for just killing the iPad 3 after 6's a very nice device. But that's another topic that has been addressed by better bloggers than I.