Miniature rant on cruelty and pit bulls


I'm all pissed off about people being assholes to dogs. And to NO dogs are they bigger assholes than to pit bulls. You can see from this photo how vicious my puppy is. She isn't even a pit pull. She's a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Pit pulls are American Pit Bull Terriers. But apparently any dog with a blocky head as maligned as a pit bull, which means it's going to tear your head off. Not.

My town has had more than a normal share of pit bull fighting, and it's happening again. The stories I have heard about what people do to these puppies make me sick. The IDEA of someone hurting Annie like that just makes me furious. And then when the puppies finally bite back in self-defense...they're vicious dogs. And sometimes they are. But it isn't the breed! Sometimes it isn't even the right breed. I'm not a bleeding heart. I had a pit rescue who attacked me, and I returned her for euthanasia. Dog to human aggression sometimes cannot be fixed. But it isn't the puppies who start this thing.

I'm tired of people who are mean to their kids and their pets. Be single and buy a fucking house plant if you're going to be abusive.