Does that crow taste good?

One of the physicians at my job DOES NOT LIKE PIT BULLS. Some people don't like pit bulls, but he DOES NOT LIKE PIT BULLS. To the point that when I got Annie I was showing pictures of her around and asked him if he wanted to see my puppy, and he said, "what kind is she?" And I said, "a pit," and he said, "no." I said, "Seriously?" He was. They are vicious dogs and he hates them. Did I know how many pit bull dog bites he'd stitched up? I didn't. How many chihuahua bites had he stitched? He didn't know. I felt like this was odd, like when someone shows you a photo of their alien-looking baby you still look at the photo and say it's cute, right? It's the same with a puppy. Well, this morning I was talking about how Annie has developed a fear of boxers. One harassed her at puppy class and now when she sees a boxer she quakes and trembles. "Apparently," I said, to no one in particular, "dogs can develop breed aversions."

APBD (anti--pit bull doc) said, "That's the same with my son. After his dog [indicating the other physician] bit my son he won't go near labradoodles."

I was acutely interested. The child put his fingers through the gate and the dog came up and bit him. Per APBD, "He's the nicest dog, though." Yes, but that story indicates that the dog randomly BIT YOUR KID. You can't really threaten a dog through a fence, and probably not really at all if you're 3 or 4 or however old this little kid is.

Both doctors were stone-faced. Really? A frigging labradoodle can come up to a fence and bite your kid and he's still "the nicest dog," huh. But my puppy is a vicious killer just because.

I see.

He looked at her picture, though.