My brain doesn't feel trained

This is my last day of brain training this week. I don't know whether my brain waves resist training or whether the whole thing is bullshit, but I don't feel any different and the whole thing is really a big pain in the ass. I had to rearrange my work schedule so that I could spend 3 hours a day 4 days in a row in a chair with electrodes stuck to my head while irritating music plays. My hair is permanently jacked up with electrode goo. Think "There's Something About Mary." I MAY be more positive about it if it works and/or after I don't have to be awake during the day for a whole entire week. It's making me cranky. In fact I'm too tired and cranky to be anxious to begin with, so perhaps I'm cured and I don't know it. On the list of other things that make me cranky, I note that the iPad 3 is the first Apple product in history to not have any resale value. I've never worried about buying Apple products because you can sell them for a good price even years later. Except when Apple releases the same product---but better---7 frakking months later. Who wants to buy an iPad 3? No one! It's a fine iPad. Nothing wrong with it. But if given the choice I'd buy the newer one too unless given a half-price discount, which is about what's happening with resale prices.

I probably still would've bought a Mini had I known about this outcome, because it's the form factor that drove me into silliness like using an Android tablet for a while. I love my Mini. I pick up my iPad 3 from time to time and gaze at it, thinking, "Oooooo, pretty screen!" Then I put it down because it feels like a cinderblock.

Finally, I'm pissed off because of plain hunger. Oral piercings suck. I had misplaced confidence in my ability to have another one because of my thrice-pierced tongue and resulting annoyances, but either my lip ring is much worse or I've grown less willing to deal with problems. I think it's the latter, because I don't think I could eat at all with my tongue piercing and I had to sort of shovel food into the side of my mouth and toss it back like a shot once I did start eating. With this one, I can eat, but it takes a long time and I am terrible at it. I've already pulled the whole stud back into my lip. I've nearly just taken the damn thing out, but I'm stuck: if I do, the fistula isn't healed at all and will have no way to drain without the jewelry in it. So I'm hungry because I consider the problematic nature of eating and arrive quickly at "fuck it." Just a few instances of the disk back catching on my teeth and pulling on my lip have apparently been enough negative reinforcement. Of course, on reading about piercing aftercare, I do note I've done approximately nothing right with this one, beginning with going directly from the piercing parlor to eat Indian food. But I'm glossing over that.

From this post you can derive that sunshine is shining out of my ass this week and I'm a complete joy to be around, yeah?