Erstwhile labret

I caved. I couldn't take the pain anymore and took my lip stud out this morning. It was irritating my cold sore, rubbing against my gums, and making my jaw ache from pressing against my teeth. I concluded I am not one of those people with anatomy suited to a lip ring and the sooner I accepted it, the better. Instant relief. I felt my gums sigh with release and the enamel on my teeth sing with joy. I knew about all the dental possibilities, but I didn't consider that constant irritating around my lip would cause horrific cold sore outbreaks. That is just miserable. It was an expensive, painful, bad idea, except some things you just don't know until you try them. Now I know. So I currently have no facial piercings except my healing septum. I'm tired of messing with high-maintenance piercings and currently don't have any. Perhaps I'll keep it that way.

Winter arrived suddenly in the form of cold rain, so obviously the puppies capered in it and then ran amok in the house before I could catch them to clean their paws. My old hound was fastidious about his paws and declined to get them wet. These two splash deliberately in mud puddles.