Minutiae about pit bulls and night shift

No, I've not died, although last week I was sick enough that I wouldn't have minded a little death. I managed to contract both a horrific gastroenteritis bug and a sinus infection. Result: me on the bathroom floor with a hideous headache complete with 30 toothaches. I assumed I was dying; I've gone 38 years without a sinus infection and didn't know that they could make your head hurt bad enough to give you toothaches. My teeth still hurt, but only the ones in the top back. Inconvenient but not agonizing anymore. The puppies…are puppies. This is the best classic dog photo ever. I've discovered a trait of pit bulls: they have no sense of personal space. Or anyone else's personal space. This results in situations like this: Annie is sitting on Banjo's head. Banjo does not care. They have eaten a huge rosebush, sharpened the ends of a long 2 x 4 the origins of which I cannot determine, and turned the end of a garden hose into a fun tug-of-war toy. I don't know its origins either. I've never owned one this color. They must be magicians, making this stuff materialize. They also have gnawed the edge of the porch and many of the inner edges on my privacy fence. Newsflash. PUPPIES DESTROY STUFF. I'm just glad they seem to confine it to the outdoors. Sigh.

We had a few midshifts and an actual 7a-7p shift open up at work, none of which I applied for. The mids I didn't find out about until after the deadline because I was sick and my boss gave us a generous, like, 2-day window to jump in and let her know we were interested. So I guess it wasn't meant to be. I've thought again about moving off nights because my friends who have done it say their lives are much better, but apparently it isn't going to happen anyway so I might as well settle in. I have good reasons to stay on this shift in addition to being a natural vampire, including I have the exact schedule I want, I have seniority, and I make more money. Plus I just don't get along with day shifters. I don't mean we fight or that they're bad people. They just aren't as twisted as night shifters, so I feel like an ass a lot of the time. It's more fun to work nights, and it's important to enjoy one's work.

The main reason I was thinking of moving is that it's getting really flipping old to hire new nurses, spend a lot of time training them, and then get shafted when they move off nights as soon as they possibly can. We are NEVER not training new nurses, and some are NEW new nurses. For a while, we had newly trained new grads training new grads. In the emergency room. I joke mostly seriously that I hope nothing really bad happens between 7pm and 7am because all the experienced nurses work days. There is nothing wrong with new nurses, but we need a balance. Why there isn't a rule like "if you're hired on nights you have to stay on that shift for at least a year after orientation" is beyond me. But this is why I'm not in management.