Bah Humbug

I am cranky. I have an evil cold complete with endless cough, which, considering all the plagues going around at work, could be a lot worse, but I feel like I've been sick for MONTHS. This is ridiculous. Worse, our scheduler and I put in all kinds of time so I could get time to go see my dad without having to take PTO. I'm working a bunch of crazy-ass stretches of shifts which include Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, NYE, and New Year's Day to do this. And he's immune compromised, so now I'm not even sure I should go, although I don't have a fever and probably feel way sicker than I actually am. Last night was eerily not ass-kicking, so I expect the apocalypse tonight. For the uninitiated, here is what you find in the ER on winter holidays:

  • I cut my finger while chopping vegetables.
  • I cut my finger while carving the turkey.
  • I cut my finger while trying to open presents.
  • I ate too much and my tummy hurts.
  • I ate too much and now my congestive heart failure is causing me to drown myself.
  • I'm traveling and I forgot to bring my narcotics and I NEED SOME NOW FOR MY BACK PAIN.
  • Everyone in my family got really drunk and beat the crap out of each other.
  • I want to kill myself.

    Ah well. This morning was actually kind of cheerful. Our manager and DON actually came in early and said Merry Christmas to everyone. Goodwill spilled out of everyone for, like, 20 minutes or something. Maybe tonight will be fun. If it's possible to have fun at work, my coworkers will find a way to do it.