Vacation: better late than never

I worked all through Christmas and will work all through New Year's so that I could have a few days to spend with my dad in between. This is an example of how a medical career is on the one hand whack and on the other pretty useful: you can cluster shifts and get a vacation without having to take time off, but you have to work/sleep/work on Christmas Day to do it. For me, it's a fine setup. I will take the holiday pay. It is certainly a funny lifestyle, but it works for me. I had given my dad my old iPad 3 over Thanksgiving so he had his Christmas present early. His partner has an iPad 2, and I have my Mini, so we can be seen sitting around all three of us with our tablets. Cozy. I still love my Mini and don't regret the switch for a minute. It fits fine in my purse and is comfortable to read on for hours. I'm not sure my dad really likes his iPad; he seems to use his netbook more. Perhaps he is just used to it.

It's been nice to travel with the Mini as well. I used to have to pack up a whole bag with a laptop and charger. Then I moved down to a smaller bag for my big iPad and keyboard. Now I just toss the Mini in my purse (I have a wicked handy case with a skinny detachable Bluetooth keyboard) and I'm good to go. Love love love it. The case was a real find: it's a QQ-Tech case I found on Amazon for $31. See it here. It is, obviously, not a full-size keyboard, and you have to pay attention to a few irritatingly placed keys, but those things aside it is fabulous. Especially for $31.

Yeah...I am sitting around in sweats by the fireplace with my Mini and a pit bull and coffee. Life is, currently, good.