Why I'm using Flickr for nearly everything now

I have been a Flickr user for years now. It used to be the de rigeur photo storage place, and then it went through some dark ages along with the rest of Yahoo, and now it is redeeming itself again. I have stayed with it partially through inertia and partially through laziness, but it has always been good for cheap unlimited photo storage, and I do like the social aspects of groups. It is also integrated with everything---a convenience not to be discounted. I have, however, limited my use of it to more artsy kinds of things. Until. They released an incredibly fabulous update to their iPhone app in conjunction with Instagram being dicks.

Instagram was fun, and I used it because of convenience; you could toss up a snapshot and share it several places at once. The recent furor over the TOS didn't bother me too much either, because Facebook engages in the same kind of asshattery and I have put up with that and sort of shrunk into denial about it for years. I just hope for security by obscurity. Instagram had some issues other than the TOS, too. For a long time they didn't have a Web interface and were limited, I think, to iOS devices, plus you couldn't easily share Instagram photos to Pinterest or Tumblr and so on. It was too contained. But, as I say, it was easy.

Now the game has changed. The Flickr iOS update incorporates all the convenience of Instagram with the advantages it already had. In my mind that means game over. The iOS update has filters, handy on-the-fly editing features (including the ability to scribble on photos, which I use more than you would think), and the ability to share to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr as well as put the photo into sets and groups, all at once. Slam dunk. And I like that my photos are in a place where they have resided for years without issues, so I trust the service somewhat, and that they are all together. Twitter also has it in for Instagram and won't display the photos without some work, whereas they haven't cracked down on Flickr yet. So Flickr it is.

Instagram royally messed up by making so many people mad. I don't know that the TOS alone would have made me abandon the service, but it was certainly a catalyst, and Flickr timed the release of their new app absolutely perfectly.