iOS App Review: Everyday Notes

Everyday Notes screenshot

Everyday Notes screenshot

I reviewed the iPhone app Do It (Tomorrow) a long time ago and then forgot about it in favor of overly complicated to-do systems. I am increasingly tired of my complicated systems, though. I don't like having to check multiple apps repeatedly to see what I'm doing each day. Much as I love electronic calendars and to-do lists for the syncing and backup benefits, sometimes I feel like I should just copy down my schedule and to-do list on an index card so I can see everything at once. I went to download Do It (Tomorow) again, swayed by my own review, and discovered Everyday Notes ($1.99), from the same developer.

It's perfect! It syncs both ways with the built-in calendar, including displaying event notes. I would like it to also display event end times, but that is a minor quibble. A more serious issue is the inability to edit recurring events from Everyday Notes, but I don't need to do that very often. It also syncs with Do It (Tomorrow) both ways. I don't even open Tomorrow anymore because Everyday Notes makes it unnecessary. Just as with Tomorrow, undone to-do items flip over to the next day at midnight, thus eliminating the necessity of transcribing them.

Eye candy is involved. You can import photos and caption them if you want, which looks nice and is fun, but there is no way to export any of that so I don't bother. It also has an available scrolling week view.

This app fits my productivity needs perfectly. I have always picked three to-do items I absolutely have to do that day and flagged them somehow in whatever system I'm using at the time, and in this app I just type them in again. It takes about 30 seconds. I suppose it would be nicer if it synced with Reminders, but that also might muck up the paperlike simplicity of the app. Having to fire up Reminders to decide which three to-do's to add to my day also forces me to mentally sort through and prioritize, and that's not a bad thing.

So I continue to use Reminders and Siri and the iOS Calendar app, but I find myself opening Everyday Notes most often because everything is right there on one page.