iPhone Alley fell off a cliff on this one

In a long line of posts in my feeds today trumpeting that iOS is dead and Android is taking over, at least for hip, slick, and cool younger people, came an initially fresh breath of air from iPhone Alley. "Finally," I thought, "a good rebuttal." But then I read the post, and for heaven's sake---this is the kind of mindless tripe that gives Apple fanpeople a bad name (emphasis mine):

Although in full disclosure we have not reviewed the other models–and quite frankly wouldn’t touch an Android or BlackBerry device with a ten-foot pole while wearing industrial-strength medical gloves–we are willing to bet the answer is in the negative.

We have to wonder if Consumer Reports evaluated the facts, or fell into the “Oooh, shiny!” factor that users of other (and lesser) devices have obviously fallen victim to.

Argh. Please don't bust CR's balls for not doing their research in nearly the same breath as saying you didn't do yours! This is the kind of thing that will make the Apple naysayers see us as the very "Ooooh, shiny!" people we don't want to be seen as.

Unlike the writer of that post, I HAVE used Android devices. I had a Galaxy Tab until the iPad Mini came out, and I spent a horrifying morning over Christmas vacation trying to figure out how to get my dad's new Android HTC Something-or-Other to work. Both made me want to brain myself. Basic tasks were unintuitive, and forget syncing media easily. I tried every which way to sync music from my Mac to my tablet, and it was a total fail. Perhaps the Android devices' specs are better than the iPhone's specs, but until these things are actually usable, I won't be buying one. However, if I were just reading up on these things and thinking of buying them, I probably would be swayed by the well-reasoned Android-positive posts and would snicker at the faux reasoning of iPhone Alley ("we haven't actually checked, but we're SURE anything other than iOS sucks!").