Reflections on all the stuff I do with my iPhone

It amazes me when I think of all the stuff I do with and from my phone. I got a Lifeproof case for my iPhone for Christmas, and I think my dad was baffled about why I would want something that cost so much to put on a cell phone ("that costs as much as the phone!"). My phone is nearly surgically attached to me. Not only do I hate missing things, unless it's an actual phone call, which I rarely use my phone for, but it's become a central repository for all my stuff and a way for me to do a lot of stuff. Losing it, although this would not be tragic because I could remotely wipe it, would leave me teetering a bit. All the stuff I used to have multiple gadgets for or just could never do before lives on this little bit of metal, glass, and plastic. This is both scary and awesome. I am getting old and remember the phones you had to dial by spinning the circle with holes around!

My phone lets me be instantly connected to anyone I feel like through text messaging and social media. I can have video chats via FaceTime or Skype, which has become commonplace even though I remember a time when "video calling" was a futuristic thing that no one thought could ever actually happen. It has all the games I want—no more need for big video games complicatedly attached to my TV. It has not only all the music I own available on it, but also almost any music I can even THINK of (through Spotify). I have a collection of podcasts on it that cover most of my interests. With it I can remotely unlock my house, arm or disarm my security system, and spy on my dogs with my video "puppy cam." I can take really good photos and videos and instantly share or upload them. Via Dropbox, I can access all of my personal files from my home computer, and via Evernote I can immediately look up any bit of information I need (because I assume impending senility, apparently, and squirrel everything away). I can deposit checks by taking photos of them (this is actually one of the cooler things, to me; it really is like magic) and pay bills. I can buy coffee and make paper cards that will be mailed to people. I can set location-based reminders so I never repeatedly forget things again (this is also magical to me; "remember to get a prescription for Zofran the next time I am at the doctor's office" is damn handy). I can link to my FitBit and see how many steps I've taken and how much weight I've gained or lost, as well as track my food intake. If I had matching gadgetry, I could start my car, make coffee, and turn lights on and off with it.

This is very cool. And yes, I like the case. I used to use Otterboxes until I broke two in a row and decided the bulk wasn't worth it if they weren't going to actually, you know, work. This case is so slim it barely adds to the form factor of the phone. The only complaint I have about it is the hole from the headphone jack. I have to use the adaptor in my car because the jack in my car is too fat to fit through the hole, and it's a big PITA to screw the adaptor in and out any time I go anywhere. But this is like a poster child for first-world problems.