Flu got me

It's not as bad as when I had H1N1 in 2009, as evidenced by my being upright and typing, but it's bad. As before, I went to work at 7pm yesterday feeling meh but upright and by 9:30 I was evilly sick. I stopped at the store for tea, ice cream, and NyQuil (the basics) and fell into bed. Thanks to pharmacology I don't feel as bad as I did, but I can't be up for very long. It's hard to describe the kind of dreary lethargy and whole-body misery flu causes. And the scorching throat and cough. I was spitting instead of swallowing (ha) last night and this morning because it just hurt too bad. Lovely times.

But like I said, it's nowhere near as bad as before. Someone on Twitter asked if the flu shot can attenuate the symptoms. I don't know. If anyone does, please leave it in the comments. It would be a good argument in favor of the immunization.

An unfortunate side effect is that I've lost my voice. I sound terrible. I can't yell at the puppies or even call for them. I triaged for the 2 hours I was at work last night and I think the patients were scared!

Ah well. I'm lucky. I'll probably lie around for another day or two and bounce back---not die or end up with pneumonia or the other bad stuff happening to a lot of people.

But again I say, FFS get a flu shot if you haven't already. Because this sucks.